Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

Stage 01 - FIU ''financial Intelligence Unit''

The FIU process is the first step where each  applicant should apply before starting the application in order to acquire Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport.

It’s a due diligence and background check process  on the individuals interested in becoming a Ni- Vanuatu. The FIU processing time takes 1 to 3 working days to get cleared.

The documents required are as follows:

Stage 02 - NBV National Bank of Vanuatu

Once  the applicant is cleared by the FIU, the next step is to submit the full payment to the bank in order to send the payment to the government account.

The funds clearance takes 24 to 48 hours if the documents required are presented accordingly as follows below:

Stage 03 - Citizenship Commission

The Citizenship commission office is the third important step on  the whole application. 

When the applicant is approved by the FIU and the funds are cleared by NBV bank, the next step is the local agent in Vanuatu take action to  submit the full documentation to the committee sitting which happen twice a month. After five working days of the committee sitting the citizenship certificate is issued and the passport is printed.

Stage 04 - Passport Office

The last step on the application is the delivery side. A week  after the committee sitting the passport is ready to be collected in the passport office. At that stage the local agent in Vanuatu liaise  between the passport officer and the client overseas to arrange the ceremony delivery in the location requested.

The fee applicable to delivery the passport overseas is USD 5,000 and to arrange the ceremony in Port Vila is USD 1,300.

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